Blood testing that makes you wonder why we haven’t done this all along

Let’s face it: blood tests aren’t designed around you.

They’re invasive. They’re inconvenient. They create a lot of unnecessary anxiety. They’re a part of the medical process that you’d rather not think about. That all adds up to a lot of stress and inconvenience that you simply don’t need.

Model #2

We’ve reimagined blood testing around its most important element: you.

We’ve created a service that delivers consistent, quality testing with a finger stick using a small amount of blood — about the size of a pea. And we’ve made it convenient. Order a test for yourself or have your clinician request tests for you.

Then head to your local pharmacy. That’s right – your pharmacy. You and your clinician get medically accurate results same day or next day. Easy to understand and actionable.

Blood testing is essential. Let’s make it simple.

Blood testing is one of the most impactful things you can do to improve and maintain your health. The information you get from a blood test can help you stay on top of a condition, achieve a specific health goal or even catch issues earlier.

We believe that an easier blood testing service will inspire you to actually do it and get the insights you need to power your healthcare journey.

Under development, not available for sale or clinical use